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Licence to Operate an Order Picking Forklift

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Whether you’re a long-term LO operator whose license has simply expired, a warehousing operatives wanting to expand their skills or are about to start work in a field that may involve using LO vehicles, you should consider gaining your Order Picker Licence sooner rather than later. On a regular basis, OZFORKS Melbourne offers affordable, course sessions that see many students gain their Order Picker License in just one day.


LO stands for Load Shifting Order Picker, also known as a stock picker. Regardless of your industry, having a valid LO forklift licence is a requirement for LO operators. This license also allows the holder to operate a turret truck or VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) truck. While the operating procedures of LO vehicles and VNA trucks share many similarities, they have many different safety concerns and procedures compared with a forklift truck. This is why they hold their own LO forklift license class.

Please note, if you have your general Forklift truck license (often referred to as a LF license), it does not apply to order picking forklift trucks or turret trucks. So, if your work involves operating a LO vehicle, you will need to obtain a LO forklift licence in addition to your LF License. It is common for vehicle operators in the warehousing and logistics industries to hold both licenses.



OZFORKS assessors are Worksafe registered to deliver the LO forklift Licence, also known as the Order Picker or Stock Picker Forklift Licence in Victoria. An LO Forklift Licence will allow you to operate and LO (8C high reach) type forklift; in compliance with Worksafe Vic high-risk work guidelines and regulations.


The course content for obtaining your LO License is designed to cover all the relevant operating procedures, precautions and safety measures that, as LO operators, you need to be aware of when using a load shifting order picker. This includes pre-operational inspection, familiarisation of the order picker vehicle, the correct handling characteristics, maneuvering of the order picker, loading and unloading, change and recharge battery knowledge assessment, calculations assessment and a practical assessment.


At OZFORKS, we adhere strictly to all high-risk work guidelines and regulations set out by Worksafe Vic. The national assessment criteria covered in this course includes the following.

Knowledge Assessment- This includes a written and mathematical assessment. Study guides will be supplied to all participants prior to the commencement of the course.

Practical Assessment- This involves hazard identification and hazard prevention measures, conducting pre-operational checks (visual Orderpicker inspection), conduct post-start checks and the safe operation of the Orderpicker, handling loads, moving loads from different locations and different heights as well as shutting down and securing the Orderpicker.


  • All course participants must be a minimum of 18 years of age. It is required of all participants to supply documentary evidence and proof of age before course commencement.
  • Course participants must have sufficient knowledge of the English language and basic numeracy skills in order to complete the written and mathematical assessment.


Our order picker training course is delivered on-site at your workplace


Upon booking, OZFORKS will supply students with course kits via Australia post, the kits contain everything the student requires to commence and complete the course. The course kits are made up of the following:

Enrolment form, LLN activity, Study book including Pre-Test activities, logbook and course overview / Instruction sheet.

Self-Paced Training

Upon receiving course resources including forklift logbook, the candidates will be required be supervised by a licenced forklift operator and log all driving operations in the logbook until test day. Self-paced study of the Orderpicker operations book and completion of questions within the activity book is also required.

When the person(s) supervising the candidates feel they are at a competent level to be assessed for their licence, the test day is to be arranged with OZFORKS. (if not already arranged)

Course fee:

Metro Clients:  minimum 2 applicants required
2-3 candidates – $550pp     4+ candidates $500pp

Rural Clients: minimum 3 applicants required
3-4 candidates – $550pp    5+ candidates $500pp

Payment Terms:

Course fees are invoiced upon enrolment unless other terms have been negotiated. Payment options will be on your invoice and include direct deposit, Visa and Mastercard.


Email or Phone to arrange a suitable start time & date