Forklift Training Courses At Your Workplace

Ozforks provide forklift courses & licence testing at the workplace to companies in the Werribee and surrounding areas.

Workplace Forklift course delivery

Suitable for students with good English, literacy and numeracy skills. A logbook as evidence of training will be required to be completed before the test day. The logbook will be supplied by OZFORKS upon enrolment.
Self-paced study of learning book “Complete Forklift Course for Beginners” will be required and to validate study, module questions are to be answered prior to assessment.

Student Course Resources

Upon booking, OZFORKS will supply students with course kits via Australia post, the kits contain everything the student requires to commence and complete the course. The course kits are made up of the following:

Enrolment form, LLN activity, Study book including Pre-Test activities, logbook, and course overview / Instruction sheet.


Upon receiving course resources including forklift logbook, the candidates will be required be supervised by a licenced forklift operator and log all driving operations in the logbook until test day. Self-paced study of the Forklift operations book and completion of questions within the book is also required.

When the person(s) supervising the candidates feel they are at a competent level to be assessed for their licence, the test day is to be arranged with OZFORKS. (if not already arranged)

Train & Test Day

Course Overview: 4-6 hours based on up to 6 attendees, session will include:

  • Collect and verify logbook and records of experience document, pre- assessment activities. Enrolment form, LLN & Photo ID
  • Theory / Calculations pre -test review via
  • Hazard ID, prestart checks and driving demonstration / practice
  • Theory, Calculation and Practical Assessments
  • Instructions on how to apply for digital licence on successful completion

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