Q? What do I do for lunch?
A.Tea and Coffee is provided along with a fridge and a microwave. There is a lunch shop 1 minute walk from the training centre.

Q? Do I need to bring anything with me?
A.Photo ID, completed study guide and durable footwear.

Q? Do I get tested after my training or do I come back another time?
A.You get tested at the end of your training

Q? Do I need to wear any special clothing?
A.You must have sturdy shoes – preferably boots. Safety boots are preferred but not essential. We will provide you with fluoro vest.

Q? I have trouble with my spelling – how am I going to cope with a written test?
A.Spelling is not important as long as you know the answers.

Q? My writing is very poor – will you be able to understand my writing?
A.Yes, we can ask you verbally if we need to clarify an answer.

Q? Can I do a verbal test?
A.Yes, however an additional fee will apply.

Q? What are the start and finish times?
A.8.00 am until 4.00 pm.

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